FedEx Services

Turn to the speed and reliability of Federal Express for all your shipping needs. Whether with your own existing account or using our FedEx account, you can ship nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of days. Pickup is every weekday at 3:15 pm. Are you concerned about customs documentation? Let us help guide you through the complicated paperwork involved in international shipments!

At The Copy House you are able to drop off your FedEx Express or Ground pre-packaged, pre-labelled packages. You can also direct your FedEx Express packages to our location to be securely held for pickup. We can create a shipping label for your packages if you need one. With over 10 years of FedEx experience we are here to help you with all your shipping needs.

Dropping off your FedEx Express package? Have it dropped off by 2pm on weekdays for same day pickup. When shipping with FedEx Express only, we can provide FedEx envelopes and FedEx small, medium and large document boxes to use free of charge.

Dropping off your FedEx Ground package? FedEx Ground packages gets picked up the next business day.

FedEx Shipping Center Downtown Vancouver