Passport Photo Services

Digital Passports available in-store as you wait! Our digital passport photos are guaranteed to meet Passport and ID standards and can be done in a matter of minutes by our front counter staff!

How to prepare:

Please avoid wearing all white clothing, shiny jewelry, or shiny make up.
Bring instructions if the photo dimensions are not those of a standard passport or visa photo.
If the photo is of a child 2 years or younger please call ahead to book an appointment.

Our digital passport photo system and the professional camera use state of the art technology to produce high quality, fast, fade-free Worldwide passport photos.

We are conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver in 128 – 1050 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3S7
in front of U.S. Consulate General Vancouver.

We do more than just Canadian passport photos. Whether you need an Indian visa, UK visa, Chinese passport photo or just about any other Worldwide passport or visa photo, we have the correct size and specifications to ensure your passport photo is done right.

We are your trusted choice when it comes to Canadian Passport Photos.

Digital Passport photos available as well.

Where to get passport photos in Downtown Vancouver
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